International Chinese Transportation
Professionals Association

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International Chinese Transportation Professionals Association
Brief History of ICTPA

First established in the USA as the North American Transportation Professionals
Association in 1987, the International Chinese Transportation Professionals Association
(ICTPA) is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of promoting the professional
development of its members by fostering fellowship and cooperation among its members
and by maintaining a central point of reference and deliberation. The Secretariat is
located at Kansas City, USA. In an effort to east coast to west coast: Washington, DC
Chapter, Northern California Chapter, Southern California Chapter, Northeastern United
States Chapter, Texas Chapter and Florida Chapter. The Hong Kong Chapter is the first
in Asia. Each chapter has its own regular meetings and activities. If you are interested in
joining the activities of individual chapters, check their designated pages.

ICTPA meets once a year to promote local members' communications and activities, with
the host cities chosen alternately from North America and Asia. In the past years, we
have hosted Annual Meetings in Washington DC, Kansas City, New York, Taipei, Hong
Kong, Macau, Los Angeles, Beijing, Nanjing, New Jersey, Tainan, Chongqing and
Tampa, etc.

ICTPA held a successful 29th Annual Meeting in Hsinchu, Taiwan in May 2016.

ICTPA is looking forward to have our 39th annual conference in Houston, Texan on May
19 - 21, 2017. Please mark on your calendar.
The 30th ICTPA Annual Conference
May 19-21, 2017       Houston, Texas
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