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Jimmy Lin        Hi, Gentlemen, and ladies, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to hook up with you all again.  Peter, I last saw you in Houston and you were leaving for New Orleans afterward, god, it was 4 years ago?

As far as AV is concerned, it is a perpetual topic.  I remember attending a seminar a few years back hosted by MIT’s AV team director, he was very candid about the purpose and the future for AV.  Think about it, aside from maybe the benefit of safety enhancement, there are no other benefit.  Traffic congestion could be worsen because of more capacity with less headway.  We are not going to totally eliminate the drivers therefore there will always be mix flow which will screw up the platoon. I just bought a Maserati, do you think I want it to drive by itself, hell no. AV depends highly on external technology and infrastructure which can go bad spontaneously.  I believe the best application for AV is to run a routine transit route in a confined compound like college campus of sort that it can operate continuously until it runs out of juice.  My point is, let’s pick a more interesting topic.  AV is pretty stale right now!


Totally agree with Jimmy. However, my government is going to invest a lot of money in this industry. I have no way to stop them, so probably it's a good idea to organize a forum and put all the pros and cons on the table.

JamesC 焦國安




8 部攝影鏡頭和 12 部超音波感測器可以偵測車道標記和周圍物體 — 隨時提供 360 度的環繞視野。

所有新款 Tesla 車輛均標配最進階的駕駛輔助功能,旨在提供增強的安全性和便利性,為駕駛員帶來輕鬆愉快的駕駛體驗。

展望未來的 Autopilot 自動輔助駕駛
所有 Tesla 車輛都具備未來在幾乎所有情況下全自動駕駛所需的硬體,我們相信未來的全自動駕駛安全程度將是一般人類駕駛的兩倍。


每輛全新 Model S 皆標配先進的硬體配備,提供滿足現有 Autopilot 自動輔助駕駛需求的配備,以及未來透過軟件更新不斷完善功能的全自動駕駛。

很顕然這個功能介紹使用了Autopilot (自動駕駛)字眼,雖然中文翻譯加了輔助兩個字,確不能掩蓋英文的本意。
他們也強調「所有 Tesla 車輛都具備未來在幾乎所有情況下全自動駕駛所需的硬體,我們相信未來的全自動駕駛安全程度將是一般人類駕駛的兩倍。 」以及「在高速公路上駕駛時自動變換車道」。顕然是誤導駕駛人。


I should add one more for footnote. The industry we are focusing on is not autonomous vehicle manufacturing, but ICT related devices and solutions. For instance, artificial intelligence, Lidar, digital maps, and sensors.

JamesC 焦國安

This accident was on the news a few days ago in TAIWAN.            
Jimmy’s point is week taken particularly in Taiwan considering the mixed traffic with motorcycles whose driving behaviors are not something that AV will be able to detect and react properly.


If the promotion of autonomous vehicle is not simply for solving the problems of transportation, it might be a stimulus for future growth of ICT industry in Taiwan.

陳瑞麟 Reh-Lin N. Chen

I am glad to see Jimmy, James and Joel’s discussions.  James’ recent collision example matched what I learned from the 10/02/2019 World Safety Summit On Autonomous Technology in San Jose area.  Sensors and speed controls are two of ongoing top priorities of Autonomous Vehicles’ developing technology that has a plenty of room for improvements.

JamesC 焦國安

President Obama proposed a $4B budget for AV in early 2016.   Obama asked: “There are going to be a bunch of choices that you have to make, the classic problem being: If the car is driving, you can swerve to avoid hitting a pedestrian, but then you might hit a wall and kill yourself. It’s a moral decision, and who’s setting up those rules?”

Will the insurance company, the car company, or the programmer will make the decision on who and what to hit right before and accident is happening?  

There are quite a few issues (legislations, 5G network, who will make the calls under what conditions) need to be resolved in addition to technical requirements.









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Chat history in "ICTPA國際華人交通運輸協會"

MF     台灣的交通部很想積極推動自駕車的產業與服務,各位先進認為最應該優先關注那些課題呢?敬請惠示卓見!謝謝!

陳瑞麟 Reh-Lin N. Chen    跟據我個人這一兩年參舆的相關討論和對台北大都會區的瞭解,我個人的愚見是自駕車的交通安全可靠度要提高,另外可加強 Connected Vehicles 的研發,讓自駕車和人駕車都可以和自動電腦號制聯結,造成省油、節速又安全的車流。路邊停車和公私停車場的技術及安全配合也是必需。另外在監理、即時交通事故處理和保險理賠,也要探討配合。我有空再找一些其它我可能忘記的要點。請吳先生和大家先指正,也共同探討。

Jimmy Lin       我公司最新在台灣完成的一項工程短片和諸位分享。CTC設計監造高雄鼎金系統交流道匝道改善工程,施工法難度很高

陳瑞麟 Reh-Lin N. Chen   個人的愚見,認爲 Autonomous Vehicles 的科技遲早會在美國、歐州甚至亞州盛行,只是時間及發展進度問題。使用道路的老百姓像Alice及我輩非專家,也是政府推動此科技上路時,最需要做推廣及再教育的對像,所以大家的意見也是很重要的。

Joel 和各位先進:中華工程顧問公司吳董事長盟分日前才提問此問題:“台灣的交通部也很想積極推動自駕車的產業與服務,各位先進認為最應該優先關注那些課題呢?

瑞麟有幸參舆2019年10月2日,在南舊金山灣區的世界自動車安全性的高峯會議。會議名稱、内容及參考資訊如下: World Safety Summit On Autonomous Technology https://velodynelidar.com/safety-summit/

當天的一則新聞報導有此標題World Safety Summit On Self Driving Car Tech Kicks Off At Levi’s Stadium, 詳細新聞報導可進此網站閲讀全文。



2. 自動車的車速和安全自動控制是要最先要處理的前題。如果不安全超速的無人車要上路,政府、業者和使用者絶無接受無人車的可行性。

Anand Gopalan, Velodyne Lidar’s Chief Technology Officer, noted the collegial atmosphere among competitors in these early days of development.

“I think people learned that going fast was really challenging,” said Gopalan. “I think now that’s been tempered by reality where people realize if you’re driving really fast, you have to make some very challenging decisions very quickly. So you are now seeing start with more modest expectations, where they want to make this technology work at 30, 35, 40 mph…And then tackle the problem of speed.”

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