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2017 ICTPA Spring Event and Annual Membership Meeting

Please join us for our big spring banquet with other professionals and transportation enthusiasts! We have a great combination lined up: Cantonese style buffet, an interesting presentation by our featured speaker, and raffle draw for your enjoyment. Please spread the words to your colleagues...- All are welcome!

When: Thursday, April 20, 2017 5:30PM-8:30PM
Where:  @Arup, 560 Mission Street Suite 700 San Francisco 94105

Featured Speakers & Topic:
Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director of Contra Costa Transportation Authority
“When do We Talk About the Future? How to Lead an Agency Through the Transportation Evolution”

– There are many changes impacting the transportation industry from declining funding forcing new partnerships and management of operations to major climatic events and modal shifts. Societal change is occurring faster than many transportation organizations are able to respond and restructure. Leadership at many organizations are championing new changes and are at the forefront of interfacing with new demands and opportunities while staff and procedures are stuck or stymied by the old system. Consequently, change takes longer, increasing public frustration, and decreasing innovation. Striking the right balance between disruption, innovation and tradition is as much an art as a science. This presentation will highlight my thoughts as an Asian American on how to effect innovation and change in the public sector, and lead change within your own organization.-
Randy also will cover leadership and career development. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

Pre-Paid: $25 Regular, $10 Student/Unemployed Members
Walk-ins: $30 Regular, $15 Student/Unemployed Members

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2016 ICTPA Fall Event  

Featured Speakers & Topic:
Wendy Tao & Dan Yu, Siemens
“Real Transportation Solutions for Smarter Cities” 
– The confluence of increasing urbanization, global concern about climate and energy, and ever-tightening budgets to finance infrastructure development is driving the need for new models in transportation and traffic management.  Although much media attention here in Silicon Valley is focused on Uber and Google’s self-driving cars and Elon Musks’ Hyperloop concept that are decades into the future, many smart transportation solutions have already been deployed today using Siemens technology – and they are done in partnership with the public sector. This talk will provide real life examples of smart traffic solutions – from adaptive signal technologies used in many US cities, the first Connected Vehicle test bed in Ann Arbor, Michigan and a large deployment in Tampa, Florida, dynamic tolling in Israel, a traffic management center that includes an integrated mobility platform and mobility monitor in Berlin, and low emission zone traffic enforcement in London.

國際華人交通運輸協會 北加州分會 (International Chinese Transportation Professional Association, Northern California Chapter)

The International Chinese Transportation Professional Association serves to provide professional development among members and networking opportunities for those who are interested in transportation planning in Asia.Northern CA Chapter focuses on technical activities and business networking among our members and friends from government agencies, design firms and construction companies in the greater San Francisco Bay area.

Northern CA Chapter hosted the 1997 Annual Meeting and 2002 4th Asia Pacific / 16th ICTPA Annual Meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area with 200 attendees from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and the United States.

In the past, our ICTPA chapter has continued to bring members from transportation planning, engineering, environment, freight, and management together for exciting events. Our events included an intimate talk with Paul Eng-Wong, past President of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, and David Tao, Technical Development Center Director of Changan Ford Mazda Automotive. In addition, we’ve held a special session with students at UC Berkeley to help them with résumés and interviews as they begin their professional careers, etc.

ICTPA Northern California Chapter hosts talks, social events, field trips, and the annual Chinese New Year Banquet.

For direct link to CA Chapter website, please click here.